Call Your Chiropractor For Help With Dizziness

Dizziness, or vertigo, affects millions of people each year and while affecting people of all ages, contributes to the falls which are the second leading cause of death of seniors. For most people the dizziness is a mild short term inconvenience. For others it continues and becomes debilitating, and leads to major changes in lifestyle. Work and daily activities are kept to a minimum and reliance on others can become a necessity.

In many cases the area of dysfunction is a part of the brain and nervous system called the cerebellum. Located at the lower back part of the brain it controls coordinated movements and even helps with our thinking and reasoning.

In order to determine cerebellar involvement, there are specific neurological tests that we utilize to determine cerebellar function. Standing with the feet together and the eyes closed is a positive test if the patient sways back and forth. Other tests include: touching the nose with one finger when the eyes are closed, moving the fingers quickly like playing the piano, walking heel to toe, or rapidly touching each finger to the thumb as fast as possible. These and other tests are used to determine cerebellum involvement. If you would like to see a chiropractor to address any issues you might have then please contact us!

Treatment of the cerebellum may include:

  • Unilateral adjustments in which the extremities (arms, legs, hand  and feet) neck and low back are adjusted on one side only to fire muscle spindle fibers and joint receptors up the spinal cord and into the cerebellum and to the opposite cortex (side of the brain).  The middle (thoracic) spine and ribs can be adjusted bilaterally to fire up the back part of the spinal cord through the dorsal columns and into the cerebellum.
  • A warm caloric (water) into one ear can warm the area and stimulate the same side of  the cerebellum.
  • Eye exercises may seem very simple but can be used to provide powerful firing into the cerebellum.

One or all of these plus other methods may be used to restore proper balance and function.

If you wish to find if you are a candidate for these breakthrough techniques, to put an end to your dizziness, vertigo or balance problems, call 985-288-5520.