(It’s all about energy)

Fibromyalgia! The name means pain in the fibers (ligaments and tendons) and muscles. Sometimes the pain ebbs and flows but for some people becoming unremitting, if not debilitating, stealing the joy of life. We frequently hear that the problem, even if undiagnosed, has been progressing for 10, 20, or 30 years. A pain that pulls the energy out of them leaving them exhausted with the only answers they’ve received being more pain killers or they are told to exercise more.​​In years past I’ve helped patients with a degree of symptom relief using chiropractic and the other therapies available at that time.

The joy of helping some patients was always tempered by the reality that more and better answers were needed. With the symptoms spread throughout the body and not responding to a single solution, I’ve continued looking for multiple causes and answers through a more holistic approach.​Breakthroughs in brain imaging, DNA, immune system function, chemistry and nutrition are providing answers that were not available in years past. Practitioners able to utilize these new findings are providing answers not available previously.

“What Do You Do When the Medications Don’t Work? A Non-Drug Treatment of Dizziness, Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, and Other Chronic Conditions”. Communicating through a website established by Dr. Johnson,  hundreds of others in our Neuro-Metabolic Super Group discuss the latest findings and answers to chronic health problems like fibromyalgia and many other.​The most prominent symptom of fibromyalgia is pain. Frequently spread throughout the body it often starts in one area such as the neck and shoulders or back. Headaches, either migraine or tension, are quite common as well as temperature sensitivity. Over time the pain spreads throughout the body. Among the other accompanying symptoms are often: fatigue, abdominal problems presenting as pain or bloating, irritable bowel type symptoms, urinary problems and balance disorders.​The second most common complaint is fatigue. Not just of the body but also of the brain.

The result is “brain fog”, memory problems and thinking clearly – sometimes called “fibro fog”. To overcome fatigue you must have energy. Normal energy production is very efficient and produces very little waste. With fibromyalgia the cells are not able to take glucose and produce energy normally. The result is 75% less energy and a huge increase in lactic acid. That’s the stuff that makes you sore when you over-exercise. In other words, loss of energy production, increase in fatigue and pain.  ​Why the breakdown in energy production? Glucose goes through about twenty-five different steps to become ATP or energy. Each step requires enzymes and nutrition. A frequent problem is that B vitamins have to be the reduced form to work making energy. An example is the thiamine you are buying has to be changed into thiamine pyrophosphate. Another example is the pyridoxine has to be changed to pyridoxal-5-phosphate. If your body can’t change it, it is wasted, you don’t make energy but you do make pain.

In addition to the specific nutrition, your cells need the thyroid hormone T3 and the adrenal hormone adrenaline to tell the cells how fast to make energy. Your red blood cells also need to carry enough oxygen to produce energy. A breakdown in any area will result in low energy and pain.​Treating structure, nutrition and using what we term Brain Based Therapy, the treatments balance brain and body function. Through therapy which may include treatments such as one-sided adjustments, eye exercises, simple exercises, vibration, heat, or enhanced oxygen, these techniques combined with full neurological and nutritional/metabolic care, provides answers which enable us to help patients get rid of their chronic symptoms even if they have been developing for decades.​ If you would like to see a chiropractor to address any issues you might have then please contact us!