Get With A Chiropractor For Help With Headaches

I feel very lucky to have never been plagued with migraines. Patients have complained of migraines from ones mild enough they could continue working to the debilitating kind where sitting in a dark room waiting for it to go away was the only option. From just feeling bad to lying in bed all day, even nausea and vomiting, the severity varies. Migraine pain is experienced most often in the temples, but can occur anywhere on the head, neck or face. Attacks may be a few hours or days. For a some people it is almost a way of life. Seeing a chiropractor might lead to some relief.

Most medical professionals classify migraines as either classical or common. Classic migraines follow numbness or tingling, perhaps an aura or flashes of light. For many, it is a noticeable feeling of a band or halo around the head. Common migraines are three times more common and have no aura but are still troubling enough to make life difficult. 30 million Americans have reported experiencing some form of migraine headache.

Cluster headaches

Cluster headaches get their name because they can occur several times in a day with recurring episodes lasting days or weeks. Often starting at the upper nose and spreading around the eyes often on one side or another and can be accompanied by considerable pain in the forehead. They can be quite a mystery, disappearing as quickly as they began.

Causes of Headaches

The exact causes of pain in migraine headaches (even slight ones) are still somewhat of a mystery. Many believe inflammation of the cranial nerves around the head and brain, along with small vessels and surrounding tissues are the main cause of the pain. When sensitive structures are pulled or contracted, it may cause additional pressure that sets a headache in motion.


Research has revealed a mechanism called cortical spreading depression, or CSD. many believe that a sudden increase of activity in the back of the brain spreads over the entire area. Due to changes in activity pain follows and inflammation increases.


One of the most extreme cases of migraine resolved in a few visits, with proper chiropractic manipulation to restore motion of the neck. Some cases have required discovering food sensitivities that were causing chronic inflammation. Others have required balancing the HPA axis (hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal axis) to balance hormone production. Most require finding the reason for and eliminating inflammation. Proper examination and testing have been provided the solution for many headache and migraine suffers.