Chiropractors Can Help Greatly With Back Problems

Back problems are frequently blamed on the lack exercise in our modern, more sedentary lifestyle. I agree, that is a major factor and I highly recommend proper exercise. However, ancient Greek and Roman texts speak of the importance of the spine and show types of spinal manipulation. No doubt mankind has been plagued with back pain long before our modern age.

If you have neck or back pain you are among millions who suffer from a problem that costs billions of health care dollars each year. The estimated cost is over 50 billion each year in the U.S. alone. Some estimates say that 85% of our population will experience disabling low back pain at least once during their lifetime.

Severity of the problem determines the degree of treatment. Mild onsets often result in reaching for over-the-counter pain remedies. With more severe pain, the typical medical approach is prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, and anti-inflammatories, rest and or physical therapy. If the problem doesn’t resolve then surgery may be utilized. If you would like to see a chiropractor to address any issues you might have then please contact us!

While surgery has its’ place and I’ve recommended a few patients consult a neurosurgeon, some studies say surgery for acute back problems should be rarely performed. Although surgery is occasionally necessary with good results, sometimes the results are negative and may result in more surgery. I consider surgery as a last resort good advice considering the number of patients I’ve treated over the last 30 years who’ve had multiple previous surgeries.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people using chiropractic adjustments and therapies but there have always been people who needed more. Today I take a different approach and that is doing a thorough functional neurological exam

to find which part of the nervous system is functioning abnormally. Often we find the problem to be a high mesencephalon output with abnormal cerebellum output.

The mesencephalon is the upper part of the brain stem and high output can result in increased pulse and heart rate, sleeping problems, tendency to urinary tract infections, increased warmth or sweating, loss of sweating, and sensitivity to light.

The cerebellum  is at the lower back of the brain behind the brain stem and controls , among other things, our spinal muscles and posture.

No matter how mild or severe the problem, a thorough exam should done to determine the primary cause of the problem.

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