In 1977, Gause Blvd was not the packed thoroughfare it is today. With less traffic I guess you tend to be less attentive and that certainly applied to the person behind me.  Sitting in my father’s Jeep pickup truck behind a line of traffic, waiting for the light to change, suddenly glass was flying and I was moving forward. When he hit me a second time and knocked me into the car in front I realized what was happening. Although I had read about neck injuries like this, I did not realize the years it would take to get relief.

When my head went through the window behind me it caused cuts along the base of my skull. The accident was, conveniently, right in front of the hospital and I walked over, got my head stitched up and went back to look for my glasses. I found them not in the cab but in the bed of the truck, all the way back by the tailgate.

That was the beginning of years of pain and discomfort. Waking in the morning and immediately having to get out of bed because laying there was too painful. Using arms or shoulders such as a gym workout or using a large hammer or an axe would result in a severe headache. Coming home at the end of the day and just wanting to lay down because the back and leg pain just pulled the energy out of me.

Finally at a chiropractic convention five or six years later I discovered a doctor who did things different. He used motion palpation and found the vertebra needed to be adjusted in more directions in order for them to again move freely. You see, there are eight different motions of a vertebra. When it’s not moving freely, spasms and pain will result. That’s what he found with me. Finally, I started getting better.

Needless to say I attended the courses he recommended and more. During an applied kinesiology course several years later I found the muscles in the front of my neck were still affected and still needed further treatment.

Today there may be occasional residual effects from the accident, but my neck is in far better shape than many patients my age. Why? Because after the age of about 20 to 21 the spinal discs lose their blood supply. They get fluid and nutrition in a sponge like fashion as you move the spine during the day. If you leave the segments jammed or restricted and they no longer get fluid and nutrition. The result: degeneration, bulging, or herniation.

What’s the difference between me and so many people with bad discs? I am concerned about full motion of all the segments and work to keep it that way. Many people disappear from care when the major pain diminishes, leave joint motion restricted, and the disc goes bad a few years later. You might want to know how much this treatment can help. Several years ago a patient came to me with a herniated disc, confirmed by MRI. The patient had another MRI at the end of care and the bulge was gone. That’s how much it can help.

In this office I utilize natural protocols to help neck and back injury patients feel better and live healthier, more joyful lives.

We look at EVERYTHING to help find the cause and ELIMINATE IT! Some patients with long term injuries can have other problems contributing to the pain and disability so we may need to look deeper into our patient’s habits, diet, lab tests and bloodwork.

As I continue to SUCCESSFULLY treat patients suffering with whiplash and other neck injuries, the more I realize that…

No Person Should Have To Suffer That Way!

I’ve made it my mission in practice to help those suffering with neck pain and whiplash, just as I was helped.

If you’ve been hurting and looking for a solution call us at 985-288-5520 and we will set an appointment and consultation. This is an in-depth

consultation where we will discuss the health concerns and where I will listen….REALLY LISTEN, to the details of the case.

That can be followed by a thorough neuromuscular, neurological and metabolic evaluation. A thorough analysis of past health records including past studies (MRI, CT reports, x-rays, blood work, etc.) so we can start mapping out a plan to being symptom free.

I believe that if I had not been a chiropractor and continued to search for answers, I would have had surgery, probably multiple, and perhaps be using multiple pain killers. Instead I’ve enjoyed years of being pain free and having my life back. If you would like to see a chiropractor to address any issues you might have then please contact us!